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Fellows to take up Tenure-Track positions in UK, Australian and Hong Kong Universities

May 30,2023

As many as five fellows have secured new positions this year. Let us congratulate them!


Pete Millwood ('23) is taking up the position of Lecturer / Assistant Professor in History at The University of Melbourne, where he will be teaching Modern Chinese History and Diplomatic History.


Areti Theofilopoulou ('22) is joining the Department of Philosophy at Birmingham University as Assistant Professor in the Ethics of Non-Violence. Also in the UK, Trude Renwick ('24) has been offered a tenure-track position in the Department of Architecture at Manchester University. 


In Hong Kong, Linus Huang ('23) has joined the Division of Humanities of HKUST as Research Assistant Professor. At HKUST he will continue his work in the Philosophy of Science, Neuroscience, and Artificial Intelligence. Claire Gullander ('23) will take up an Assistant Professorship in English at City University as of July 1.


Creating a vibrant, young research community at the heart of Asia’s top university for the arts and humanities

The Society of Fellows in the Humanities is a prestigious new initiative that attracts exceptional, early-career, post-doctoral scholars from around the world to the University of Hong Kong. Located in one of the world’s most dynamic cities and on Mainland China’s doorstep, HKU offers unique opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research through its commitment to innovation and interdisciplinarity.

The Faculty of Arts is one of the University’s oldest and largest faculties and is consistently recognised as one of the best in Asia for the Arts and Humanities. The Faculty contributes to knowledge development through outstanding scholarship and education. It provides a comprehensive, humanistic, and liberal research environment, a highly internationalised academic staff, and a strong culture- and language-based curriculum.

The Faculty is a recognised centre of research excellence in fields that include Asian Cinema, China Studies, Chinese Philosophy, Art History, History, Law and Literature, Linguistics, and Post-colonial Literatures, and is active in fostering partnerships globally and exploring new means of facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.





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