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Activity Notes (1st Semester, 2018/19)

Dr. John Gabriel

This semester, John gave presentations on the German musical imaginary of China in the 1920s at the annual conference of the German Studies Association, on the role of jazz in the Communist propaganda music of Hanns Eisler at the conference “Machines in the Musical Imagination” at the University of Ottawa, on radio opera in Weimar Republic Germany at the annual conference of the American Musicological Society, and on German/American cultural exchange at the symposium “Mediating Music/Sound” at HKU. He also had an article on Ideologies of Late Style in the Reception of Elliott Carter’s Music come out in the journal Elephant and Castle: Laboratorio dell’imaginario.

Dr. Beth Harper

Since arriving in Hong Kong Beth has traveled to present at three different conferences. She presented a paper entitled “Christian Mysticism, Platonism and the Zhuangzi: first contacts and collisions” at the Contemporary Philosophy in East Asia Conference at National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. 9-11 August 2018. She returned to Taipei to present at Taipei Tech’s biennial literature conference on “Literary Fantasy and its Discontents”, 21-23 November, finally she traveled to Vienna, Austria to present at paper from her book project entitled “Bad Mothers in Early Modern Tragedy” at an interdisciplinary conference on the topic of Evil Women, 1-2 December.

Dr. Harriet Hulme

Harriet recently presented her work at the Borders Inside and Out Symposium at CUHK, giving a paper focused upon the theme of hospitality in the work of Mohsin Hamid. Next semester, she will participate in several conferences: in February, she will present on the ethics of re-narration at the Uses and Abuses of Storytelling Conference in Finland; in March, she travels to Tokyo to present her work at the Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities 2019; and in July she will give a paper at the Society of French Studies Annual Conference in the UK.


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