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International Conference Program: Contacts, Collisions, Conjunctions, May 9-10


May 9-10 (Wednesday and Thursday), 2018,

Society of Fellows in the Humanities, The University of Hong Kong

Room 4.36, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

Conference Program

Registration not required anymore

Wednesday May 9

8:30 am ​Registration and Coffee

9:00 am ​Welcome: ​Derek Collins, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong

9:15 am ​Keynote: ​Leela Gandhi (Brown University): Utonal Life: Postcolonial Thought and the Ethics of Relationality

10:30 Break

10:45 am ​Panel 1 (Chair: Giorgio Biancorosso, The University of Hong Kong)

Selda Altan (Swarthmore College) “The Yunnan-Indochina Railway and Nation-Building Across the China-Vietnam Borders, 1898-1910”

Emily MacGregor (Harvard University) “A Train Ride through Kurt Weill’s American Imaginary: Technological Spectacle, Nation Building, and Émigré Experience at the 1939-40 World’s Fair”

12:15 pm​ Lunch time

2:00 pm ​Panel 2 (Chair: Nathanel Amar, The University of Hong Kong)

Yeon-Kyoung Lim (City University of Hong Kong) “Reinventing Feminist and Queer Intimacies: The Movement of the Self-Publishing Collective in South Korea”

Gina Marchetti (The University of Hong Kong) “Intersectional Activism and Sexual Citizenship in the HKSAR: Evans Chan’s Raise the Umbrellas (2016)”

Chenying Pi (Heidelberg University) “Pop-up Feminisms: Social Media, Transnationalism, and Grassroot Activism in Shanghai”

3:30 pm ​Coffee Break

4:00 pm ​Keynote:​ ​​François Cusset (Nanterre University): Globalized Violence: Collisions, Reverberations, and ​​​​Contemporary Disseminations

* * *

Thursday May 10

8:30 am​ Coffee

9:00 amKeynote: ​Rey Chow (Duke University): Foucault, Race, and Racism

10:30 amPanel 3 (Chair: John Gabriel, The University of Hong Kong)

Haruka Nomura (Centre of Chinese Studies in Taiwan) “Global Awareness in an Age of Empire: The Shenbao and a Crisis at the Suez Canal, 1872-85”

Sara Pugach (California State University, Los Angeles) “Crossing Boundaries, Changing Lives: African Student Travels to the Soviet Bloc in the 1960s”

Yejun (Erica) Zou (King’s College London and the Humboldt University of Berlin) “Women’s Liberation in Collision: Comparative Literary Analysis of Ding Ling and Christa Wolf ”

12:00 pm ​Lunchtime

2:00 pm ​Panel 4 (Chair: Robert Kramm, The University of Hong Kong)

Joshua Lok (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) “Of Contacts, Collisions and Conjunctions: An Aesthetic Study of Food and Colonialism”

Helga Müllneritsch (University of Nottingham Ningbo China) “Uncovering Chocolate: Manuscript Studies Collide with Conventional Wisdom”

Jason Petrulis (California State Polytechnic University-Pomona and The University of Hong Kong) “From Temple Tonsure to Women’s Wig: Selling Racialized Indian Hair in the 1960s-70s”

3:30 pm ​Coffee Break

3:45 pmPanel 5 (Chair: Harriet Hulme, The University of Hong Kong)

Yang Hua (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor) “Dream of the Red Capital: Qu Qiubai and the Promise of Left-Wing Melancholia in Modern China”

Marina Kaneti (Grand Valley State University) “Re(b)ordering the World: Silk Road Memories and Visions for the Future”

Liang Ming Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong) “Creole Cosmopolitanism and Baroque Art: Cosmopolitan Artist Ming Wong Becoming Creole Filmmaker P. Ramlee in Four Malay Stories

5:30 pm ​Keynote:​Joseph Auner (Tufts University): Post/Human/Feedback

6:45 pm ​Closing Reception (Faculty Lounge)


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