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Society of Fellows in the Humanities: Spring Programme

February 14: Beth Harper, Society of Fellows in the Humanities, HKU, “A disease that’s in my flesh which I must needs call mine’’: Lear, Macbeth and the Fear of Futurity (Co-sponsored with the School of English), Room 7.45, 4:30 PM

February 25: Sebastian Conrad, Freie Universität Berlin, “Greek in their own way: Writing India and Japan into the world history of architecture in the late nineteenth century” (Co-sponsored with History Dept.), Room 4.36, 5 PM

March 5: Scott Trigg, Society of Fellows in the Humanities, HKU, “Commentary, Criticism, and the Making of Knowledge in 15th c. Islamic Astronomy” (co-sponsored with Centre for Humanities and Medicine), Room 4.04, 4:30 PM

March 13: Erika Doss, University of Notre Dame, Title: TBC (co-sponsored with American Studies), Room 4.36, 4:30 PM

March 26: The HKU Symposium on Sociolinguistics and the Humanities (Co-sponsored with the School of English), Room 4.36, 9 AM – 4:30 PM

April 8: Katrien Jacobs, CUHK, “Political Questions and Sexual Answers: Women’s Pornographies and Social Activism in Hong Kong and San Francisco”, Room 4.36, 5 PM

June 6: Paul Anderer, Columbia University, Book Launch – Kurosawa’s Rashomon: A Vanished City, a Lost Brother, and the Voice Inside His Iconic Films (Chinese edition), Room 4.34, 5 PM

All events: Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus


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